Welcome Ambassadors!

Blue Scooter Kids Ambassadors are a community of people who love to get out and explore with kids. Spread the word about Blue Scooter Kids events, guides and newsletters. Brainstorm new ideas and represent Blue Scooter Kids in your community. In exchange rewards include free tickets, gift cards, invitations to exclusive events and discounted products or services from our Featured Partners.

I’d like to be an ambassador. What would I do?

As the face of Blue Scooter Kids in your city, you will network with local businesses, moms groups, parents groups, community organizations, camp & class providers and family destinations. Add family friendly events to our calendar, connect with new Blue Scooter Kids subscribers and other ambassadors in the Blue Scooter Kids community.

What types of events am I looking for?

Blue Scooter Kids families are interested in active events, camps, story times, drop in play, museum exhibits, festivals, gallery openings, and more. If you can spend time with your family at this event, camp, class or destination, Blue Scooter Kids families want to know about it! If your child would love this party venue, entertainer or service Blue Scooter Kids families would too!

How do I start?

Email us at info@bluescooterkids.com or complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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